Program during the Pohjois-Karjala pride week

All the events follow the guidelines for a safer event.


15.5. at 15–19

Lecture & workshop: Sophie Labelle

Sophie Labelle is a neurodivergent trans cartoonist and novelist from Montréal, in Québec, Canada. During her talk, she will speak about her art and activism, her artistic process, comic-making, community building and empowerment through art. She will answer questions from the audience and sign books at the end. In her workshop, she will share her artistic process, showing us how an idea comes to life and how she uses comics to tell stories.

Lecture at 15–16.30, workshop at 17.15–18.45.

This event is in English. Sign up for the workshop.

Joensuu Main Library, Muikku-sali, Koskikatu 25

15.5. at 17–19

Skateboarding school

Skateboarders from RUJO ry teach the basics of skateboarding. Boards are available, bring your own helmet and pads. Suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Weather permitting.

Mehtimäen skeittipuisto, Mehtimäenaukio 2

16.5. at 19–22

Queer Ballroom dances

During the first hour there’s a chance for gender neutral dance lessons from Joni Pakarinen of Baile Social.

Event is admission free, age limit 18.

Restaurant Kerubi, Sali, Siltakatu 1

16.5. at 15–19

Polvijärvi Pride

Solidarity walk starts from the market square at 15. After that, afterparty at the youth center and in the yard of Vapari until 19.

Polvijärvi market place, Polvijärventie 2
Polvijärvi youth center, Räätälintie 6

17.5. at 16.30–19.30

Pride Café

Coffee, delicious pastries and hanging out in the pride theme. Pohjois-Karjalan Seta items also on sale. Payment is optional, you can pay with cash or MobilePay.

Free entry to the Cafe, no compulsion to buy.

Community space Helmi Helmi, Rantakatu 23, downstairs

17.5. at 20–24

Rainbow karaoke

Cloakroom fee 3 €. Age limit is 18 years.

Restaurant Kerubi, Kellari, Siltakatu 1

Nuorten sateenkaaridisko Whisperissä 18. toukokuuta klo 16–19

18.5. at 16–19

Rainbow disco for young people

The youth council of Joensuu holds a disco for 13-18 year olds. Lots of fun things to do, and face painting available.

Youth center Whisper, Iso Myy, Kauppakatu 28 floor 2

18.5. at 18

Rainbow mass

Joensuu Lutheran Church, Papinkatu 1

19.5. at 15–20

Sign workshop

Workshop for making signs for the Pride-parade on saturday. You can also come hang out before the evening’s womens’ party.

Community space Helmi, Rantakatu 23, downstairs

19.5. at 21

Womens’ party Vaimola

Vaimola is the celebration of femininity and love, which offers burlesque and unforeseen shows. Performing, Stella Polaire (HEL), Dolly Poupee (Lahti), Honey B’Zarre (HEL), Anna Ivana Julma The Empress (Oulu) and Salome Sacrebleu (Oulu). The night is hosted by lesbokeisari Eva Euforia.

Tickets in advance from Tiketti 10€, from the door 12€. Cloakroom fee 3€. The ticket is also suitable for a continuation party in Kerubi cellar, where they play music from female artists the whole night.

Age limit 18.

Restaurant Kerubi, Sali, Siltakatu 1

20.5. at 15


Parade starts moving at 15 from the yard of art museum Onni, and ends in Ilosaari. Remember, that the parade has to be kept one driving lane wide. If you attend with small children or pets, you can join the silent block in the back of the parade. Ask more about the silent block by email:

Art museum Onni, Kirkkokatu 23
Ilosaari, Siltakatu 1

20.5. at 16–19

Pride party in the park

In the party performs party band Lumo, and singer-songwriter Matias Kangas. DJ FYKTH is spinning the discs. Event is suitable for the entire family, and the grass area in Ilosaari has a lot of space for picnics. We also have yard games, a bouncy castle, street chalks and capoeira in the area.

Ilosaari, Siltakatu 1

20.5. at 22–04


Age limit 18.

Restaurant Kerubi, Siltakatu 1


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