Guidelines for a safer event, North Karelia Pride

Our participants and volunteers safety is important to us. Please follow these guidelines when participating to our events.

When you are coming to our face to face -events:

  • wear a mask when possible
  • keep a safe distance and follow organizers instructors
  • wash your hands carefully and often and use hand sanitizer
  • if you’re feeling sick, stay home
  • cough on your own sleeve or to your handkerchief

We will follow guidelines for safer spaces in our events. In our live events you will find the guidelines on walls and in online events from the Teams chat.

Almost all our events are admission free and have no age limits. Notice these few exceptions:

  • THU 23.9. 8-11 pm Pride-karaoke at Kolumbus, admission free, age limit 18
  • FRI 24.9. 9:30 pm Pride movie at Tapio, 8 e, for Seta members 4 e
  • LA 25.9. 4-12 pm Pride-party at Kerubi, age limit 18. Disco 3 e, Seta members 0 e. Band night is admission free.

We wish that in our event people from diverse backgrounds feel welcome, respected and safe. ​The mutual aim is to create an event where: ​

  • nobody is discriminated against​
  • everyone has an equal possibility to participate and express themselves​
  • repressive and aggressive behaviour is intervened.​

​Every participant has the right to get help and responsibility to intervene in behaviour that creates insecurity and is discriminative. Ask help from others, if you feel that intervening is not possible alone.​

We take care that we don’t speak or behave offensively.​ We do not make assumptions about anyone’s identity, gender, ability or disability, sexual orientation or where they come from.​

Despite our good intentions our actions might have a negative impact on others.​ We respect the personal borders of others (physical and emotional), their right to integrity and their views of what is offensive and disruptive. We are ready to change our behaviour. ​Harassment contact person: Anni Rannikko 040 505 8106.

If you experience harassment, please inform the organisers.

Have a beautiful, safe and Happy Pride!